Michael Brun Presents Bayo - Music Hall of Williamsburg, New York City on 11/24

Michael Brun Presents Bayo - Music Hall of Williamsburg, New York City on 11/24

Bringing Sounds of Haiti to New York with J Perry, Baky, Gardy Girault, and Paul Beaubrun

Pre-sale Starts Wednesday: https://www.axs.com/artists/798384/michael-brun

Though only 25, Michael Brun has long been the face of electronic music in his home country of Haiti. He’s part of a new generation of Haitians, determined to change the narrative surrounding his country, and educate the international community about Haiti’s incredibly rich and diverse musical history.

He’s dedicated his career to giving Haitian artists and music a platform globally, partnering with organizations like Artists for Peace and Justice, the Audio Institute and Beat Making Lab to raise money and help get music tools into the hands of Haitian children as well as throwing his own non-profit festival Wherever I Go in Haiti.

Today, Brun announces a new live concept, Bayo.  Bayo means “to give” in Haitian Creole, and is based off the impromptu street parties, typically soundtracked by mobile sound-systems, and the traditional rhythms of Haitian RaRa. Brun has organized several around his hometown, Haiti’s capital city, Port-Au-Prince. These parties are essential to Haitian culture, providing an infrastructure that allows music to be heard and bubble up, artists a platform to DJ and perform, and a traditional gathering point for communities to come together and dance.

Following a block party in Miami’s Little Haiti in March, Brun is bringing Bayo to Brooklyn, enlisting vocalist and producer J Perry, rapper Baky, guitarist and soul artist Paul Beaubrun, and house DJ and producer Gardy Girault to soundtrack the night alongside himself.

Bayo will transform MHOW with the sounds and sights of Brun’s homeland. Crickets, birds and street sounds will move attendees out of NYC, Haitian street art and bespoke production will set a scene, before the boom of Haitian bass puts you in Port au Prince.

Brun is the first artist on Spotify to be charged with curating an official country playlist, ‘Haitian Heat’. He has released tracks with Haitian artists such as J Perry and Lakou Muzik, and done official remixes for the likes of Maxwell, One Republic, Alicia Keys, Calvin Harris and Tiesto. Esquire called him the 'biggest thing to come out of Haiti in the 21st century,” while BBC News and Billboard named him the ‘Haitian Sensation’.

About Michael Brun

“Michael Brun might be the biggest thing to come out of Haiti in the 21st Century” - Esquire

“A cultural ambassador for his island home” - TIME

Michael Brun spent his childhood on the sun-drenched Caribbean island of Haiti. Born to a Haitian father and Guyanese mother who loved music, Brun’s influences stretched from the percussion-heavy Rara and Afro-groove music of his native Haiti, to Hip-hop and RnB. He played guitar and piano from a young age, and took up DJing and music production as a hobby at 16 after winning a full scholarship to attend military school in the US, then going on to study Pre-Med at Davidson College.

Today Michael has emerged as the face for a new generation of Haitians, working with international stars and home-grown musical heroes to share the richness of his island’s culture with a wider audience.

The last two years have seen Brun depart from the club sounds that defined his early career, to work with Haitian artists like J. Perry, Baky, Lakou Mizik and BélO. His singular take on traditional Haitian sounds have caught the ears of tastemakers like Diplo and Arcade Fire, seen him land consulting work for Spotify, collab with superstars like J Balvin, sell out multiple headlining US tours and notch up tens of millions of streams across tracks like Bayo, Soweto, Gaya and Spice, his collaborative track with Grammy-nominated Kah-Lo.

Under his Bayo umbrella Michael is seeking to bring the energy, sound and alluring vibe of Haitian street parties to venues around the world.  In Haitian Creole, ‘Bayo’ means ‘to give’, which refers to both generosity in Haitian culture and the sense of duty that Brun feels to showcasing the best of his country. After multiple block parties in Miami and Haiti, Brun debuted Bayo with a sold-out show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, which was followed by a sold-out US tour.  2019 will see Michael expand upon the concept, bringing the show to nine major cities in the US and Canada.

2018 also saw Brun soundtrack the World Cup, with Telemundo picking his and J Balvin’s collab ‘Positivo’ as their official world cup anthem. Brun would also join Balvin as direct support for his sold-out ‘Vibras’ tour, taking the stage alongside Ghanian pop star Mr. Eazi

Brun’s non-profit work has seen him produce and host the Wherever I Go festival in Haiti, join the board of Paul Haggis’ Artists for Peace and Justice, and serve as the face of the Emmy winning Beatmaking Lab Program.